• Nomy Arpaly (Brown)
  • Justin Clarke-Doane (Columbia)
  • Anneli Jefferson (Birmingham-UK)
  • Lauren Olin (UMSL)
  • David Shoemaker (Tulane)


  • Walter Sinnott-Armstrong (Duke)
  • Chandra Sripada (Michigan)
  • Kathryn Tabb (Columbia)
  • Natalia Washington (Utah)

Organized by Matt King and Joshua May, with support from UAB's Department of Philosophy, College of Arts and Sciences, and the Office of the Provost


There are no conference fees, but due to space considerations, we're asking those planning to attend to register. Just fill out the form below.

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Tentative Program

Friday, March 23rd

9-10:30am           Scrupulosity and Responsibility (Sinnott-Armstrong)

11-12:30pm          Addiction and Agency (Tabb & Clarke-Doane)

2-3:30pm             Stewardship of the Mind: Agency in (Mental) Illness (Washington)

4-5:30pm             Limits of the Will: Cognitive Control, Mental Illness, and Moral Responsibility (Sripada)

Saturday, March 24th

9-10:30am            Disordered, Disregarded, Misinterpreted, Disabled: The Immoralities of Exemptions (Shoemaker)

11-12:30pm           Mistaking Identities (Olin)

2-3:30pm              Brain Pathology and Moral Responsibility (Jefferson)

4-5:30pm              And What's a Mental Disorder Anyway? (Arpaly)

(All sessions in Heritage Hall, Rm 126)

Stay Tuned...

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